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Why choose Golden for your next immediate provisional?

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On the day of surgery, a conversion process can be done by one of our experienced lab technicians in your dental office. We are the only lab that uses Dr. Gary Kelly’s method for conversion, which we believe to be the most accurate and efficient method. Dr. Kelly is a recently retired dentist who has personally mentored Nick over the years and has been immediately loading hundreds of full arch implant cases since 1998. During the conversion, a patient’s immediate denture is converted into a provisional bridge and the patient can leave with teeth on the same day as the surgery. We let you focus on the surgery and take the stress out of the prosthetic component by helping with models, vertical, and taking all the necessary records. For more information, please call Nick at 509-475-0777.

Advantages to both patient and doctor

An immediate provisional is an acrylic bridge that can be placed on the same day as the implants, allowing the patient to leave the office with teeth on the day of surgery.  By immediately loading 4 or more implants, cross arch stabilization is achieved, which means the implants can support one another. Studies show that full arch implants that are immediately loaded, experience less bone loss. In addition, the patient does not have to go through the emotional trauma of leaving the surgery with dentures, which may be loose or ill fitting. What’s more is that the patient has the opportunity to “test-drive” their provisionals which can work as a guide for making their permanent hybrid or zirconia bridge. The patient and their dentist can have a better discussion about lip support, shade, size, and shape of the teeth.

Immediate Provisionalization

All-on-4, Pro-arch, Revitalize, and Deim are just some of the terms used to describe an immediate what exactly does that mean? Well, the process can be described as simple as saying teeth extracted, implant placed, and an all acrylic bridge screwed down directly to the implants all in the same day!

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