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Crown and Bridge

At Golden Dental Lab, we strive to provide the highest quality of crown and bridge services available. We are a full-service dental lab that specializes in creating custom-crafted restorations that fit your patent's needs. Our products are made with the highest level of craftsmanship and precision.



These highly aesthetic restorations are both beautiful and strong. They are ideally suited for crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays.



Veneers require extreme precision for the optimal strength, fit, and aesthetics. Our master ceramists offer pressed emax options that ensure precise marginal fit and use impeccable attention to detail when characterizing the teeth, to produce beautiful and natural results.

layered zirconia


Layered zirconia These restorations are excellent for shade accuracy and customization. They are ideal for bridges and crowns in the premolar and anterior region. It can be fabricated with buccal porcelain only. Monolithic Zirconia This restoration is ideally suited for posterior restorations where strength is needed. The crown is designed using CAD/CAM technology for a precise fit, contact, and occlusion. It is then stained and glazed to enhance the esthetics and to limit plaque accumulation.

Provisional bridge .JPG


Lab made provisionals are excellent for anterior cases, bridges, and full mouth rehabilitations as they can save hours in chairtime and ensure aesthetic, well fitting temporary crowns, veneers, and bridges.

implant c&b

Implant C&B

At Golden Dental Lab, we believe in using the highest quality precision milled abutments. Whether using a custom or a stock abutment, our highly trained team of master ceramists work tirelessly to deliver superior outcomes for your patients. Send us your next implant case whether it be digital or conventional.

diagnostic wax up

Digital Mock-Ups

A digital diagnostic wax up is an important step for many reasons, especially for anterior and aesthetic cases. Patients are able to test drive their smile even before the tooth preparation. The clinician spends less chair time making temporary crowns and can produce more aesthetic results. A more conservative tooth preparation can be achieved using the diagnostic wax up as a guide.

Time Schedule


Custom Shade 

5 Business Days 


Denture Try-In

Denture Finish

Valplast Partials


Full-Arch Mock up

10 Business Days 

Posterior Emax crowns

Posterior Crowns 

Posterior Bridges

Posterior Stock Implant


15 Business Days 

Anterior Emax Crown

Anterior Zirconia Crowns

Anterior Bridges

Anterior Implant Crowns

All Custom Abutments

Full-Arch Zirconia Finish

Custom Ti Hybrid Bar

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