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Creating golden smiles with Golden Dental Lab.

Golden Dental Lab offers a comprehensive range of premium dental products and services. With over 20 years of experience in the dental industry, the team at Golden Dental Lab provides custom fabrication of high-quality dental prosthetics ensuring exceptional customer service.



At Golden Dental Lab, we use the "crown down" approach even for full arch planning. What does this mean? The conversion prosthesis is planned fully digital. With the patient's CBCT and IOS records, we are able to design a restoration and/or guides for your practices surgical needs.

Full Zirconia

At Golden Dental Lab, we have extensive experience with zirconia full mouth bridges spanning over 12 years. We average about 100 full arch restorations/year and roughly 70% of them are made in Zirconia. "Learn More" if you hover you will get the red content below. 


The indication of using Zirconia in full mouth implant rehabs is multifold: 

-Decreased inter-occlusal space requirement 

-Greater esthetics

-Less bulky restoration for increased patient satisfaction

-When finished properly, more hygiene friendly 

-Decreased post delivery complications (teeth popping out and acrylic fractures)

Traditional Hybrids

Traditional hybrids have been the standard in years past and maintain relevance in our modern age. While other materials offer certain benefits, there are still indications to use this of prosthesis. Please take note, we cannot rush traditional hybrids due to the extra step of fabricating and trying in the metal substructure. 

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