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Guided Surgery

Maximize your implant placement and  full arch case outcomes! Full arch implant restorations depend on the placement and position of the implants. In order to achieve best outcomes, guided surgery can be the tool to take your results to the next level. From planning single implants to all on X full arch planning that includes a pin, bone reduction and implants guides, we specialize in all of the above. 

design services

Design Services

At Golden Dental Lab, we use the "crown down" approach even for full arch planning. What does this mean? The conversion prosthesis is planned fully digital. With the patient's CBCT and IOS records, we are able to design a restoration and/or guides for your practices surgical needs.

single implants


Discover what a true crown-down approach means! When planning our single implants, we always design the restorative crown first. This enables us to identify the proper implant position to allow for the most esthetic final restoration for your patients.

full arch stackable guide

Full Arch Stackable

Golden Dental Lab has been a pioneer in not only using but also in developing/beta testing stackable guide surgical software systems. From single phase to 4 step stackable guides, we are the experts for your next full arch case.

Time Schedule


Custom Shade

5 Business Days 


Denture Try-In

Denture Finish

Bite Blocks

Valplast Partials

Full-Arch Mock Up

10 Business Days 

Posterior Emax crowns

Posterior Crowns (Zirconia/PFM)

Posterior Bridges

Posterior Stock Implant Crowns

15 Business Days 

Anterior Emax Crown

Anterior Zirconia Crowns

Anterior Bridges

Anterior Implant Crowns

Full-Arch Zirconia Finish

Custom Ti Hybrid Bar

Untitled design (4).jpg
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