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Digital workflow

Please send an email with an attached lab slip and photos to or upload lab Rx form/Global Full Arch RxRestorations Rx, photos, stl file here.

For Itero and Medit, you can attach lab slip within IOS software.



For 3M True Definition Scanner

  • Call 3M™ support at 800-634-2249 select Option 3

  • Select Option 1 and request support Golden Dental Lab be added to your scanner

  • 3M™ will then confirm with Golden Dental Lab and add connection remotely


For Medit

  • Type in Golden Dental in the search bar, click on the “Request Partnership” button, and wait for us  to accept your request.

  • Once we accept your request, you will both be listed as partners on your respective accounts, and you can begin to send your orders to us.


For Sirona

  • Click “add”, which will take you to

  • Click on “my favorite laboratories” and search for us by location.

  • Click start search, find our lab, and click the plus sign to add to favorite labs


For Itero Scanner

  • Call 800-577-8767

  • Select Option 1

  • Request that Goldent Dental Lab is added to your scanner and Identify our lab using our phone number: (509) 828-2770

  • After Golden Dental Lab has been added, restart your scanner

  • After connecting to us as a lab, select Golden Dental Lab on your scanner when sending files


For Trios

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